The ninth week nomination process for elimination, in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show ended in yesterday's episode, where Varun Sandesh saved Himaja from the nomination by stepping in to tub full of faeces. Later Siva Jyothi also saved Ravi from nomination by shortening her hair to neck length.

Meanwhile Bigg Boss asked Rahul to convince Punarnavi for self-nomination for the rest of season otherwise he would have to nominate himself for this week. Even though Punarnavi was willing for self-nominating herself for the rest of the season Rahul doesn't agree with her decision and convinces her not to agree for self-nomination. He informed Bigg Boss that he was ready to nominate himself and stays nominated for the week.

Later Bigg Boss asks Vithika to directly nominate any one of the housemates, she chooses to nominate Himaja which was against Varun Sandesh's decision earlier.

Finally, Mahesh, Rahul, and Himaja get nominated for eviction from the Bigg Boss House for this week.

After that, Bigg Boss gave Crazy College task to the housemates and as per the task Baba Bhaskar plays the role of ''lovology'' lecturer, Vithika as gossipology lecturer and Varun as Chillology lecturer. The remaining housemates acted as the students of the Crazy College.

As a part of the task, Baba Bhaskar teaches love lessons to students and Vithika teaches them how to create and spread rumors. Varun Sandesh teaches them how to solve the problems and stay chilled in critical situations.

At the end, Siva Jyothi becomes emotional with Baba Bhaskar comments about her attachment with Ali and cries.

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