Wakeup Prabhas Haters: Saaho Is A Hit

Rebel star Prabhas and his latest outing ‘Saaho’ has become the focal point since a while now. - Sakshi Post

Rebel star Prabhas and his latest outing 'Saaho' has become the focal point since a while now. It has been nearly 18 days that 'Saaho' opened in theatres, and it received negative reviews from critics. The film is in its third week facing rejection as new releases are more entertaining with their content. It is being said on social media that 'Saaho' is heading towards a disaster at the box office. It is worth mentioning that the makers invested Rs 300 Cr and they believed to recovered its expenditure in two weeks of its release. Do you think the producers are incurring losses. According to sources, 'Saaho' makers might not run into losses with the film because it has earned a decent amount in all areas. 'Saaho' overseas rights were bagged by a Dubai-based company for a whopping Rs 43 crore. It sold the film in various territories like the USA, Australia, and Europe to different distributors. 'Saaho' earned profits in all foreign location except USA and it went on to earn US $8 million, as per the sources. Prabhas has cemented his position in North India with 'Baahubali' which has helped 'Saaho'. The film has been declared a hit at the Bollywood box office. Coming to the Telugu states, the film was released with the valuation of Rs 120 crore on an advance basis. It collected a share of Rs 80 crore plus, despite the many negative reviews and bad talk through word-of-mouth. The advance taken will be returned to the distributors.

'Saaho' didn't end as a completed flop but with good returns, the film came as a big relief to filmmakers. Thanks to Prabhas craze across the world. 'Saaho' producers are really lucky as they have escaped major embarrassment with the result of the film. The Baahubali craze for Prabhas always remains steady and same forever.

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