Punarnavi Angry At Bigg Boss As Ghosts Haunt Her 

Punarnavi Angry At Bigg Boss As Ghosts Haunt Her - Sakshi Post

Telugu TV reality show Bigg Boss 3 is taking some interesting turns in each episode as the race to the finale has already begun. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss assigned the devil task to contestants and Bigg Boss house has become a ghost House.

As per the task, Vithika Sheru, Baba Bhaskar, Himaja, Rahul and Shilpa have been transformed into demons, and they are expected to kill the remaining people in Bigg Boss house in order to keep themselves out of trouble.

According to instructions in the devil task, demons can kill a person if they follow the rules given by the Bigg Boss, they should break the egg on Srimukhi, Kiss Varun three times and write on the bathroom mirror that 'Varun is a ghost', they also have to make Mahesh change his shirt five times, and throw Punarnavi into the swimming pool, while making Ravi dance to a song. As part of the task, only three people were killed on the first day.

The demons turned Big Boss House into a mess. The ghosts were seen taunting and harassing people. Vithika kissed Varun Sandesh three times and wrote on the bathroom mirror that 'Varun is a ghost' after that Bigg Boss announced that Varun had been killed and he became a demon while Vithika turned into a human.

On the other hand, Himaja cracked an egg on Srimukhi's head. After this, Bigg Boss declared that Srimukhi had been murdered and turned into a demon and Himaja a human. The gang comprising Vithika, Baba Bhaskar and Shilpa throw Punanavi into the swimming pool. However, this act was not taken into account as one demon had to kill one person.

Later, Shilpa alone throws Punarnavi into the pool. Bigg Boss announces that Punarnavi has been killed. She turned into a ghost and Shilpa became a human.

Punarnavi expressed her anger over the demons and Bigg Boss for throwing her into the swimming pool twice. Varun tries to convince her but she doesn't pay heed. Punarnavi expresses her anger over Bigg Boss and says that she will not take part in the task.

According to the latest promo, it appears that Bigg Boss has punished Punarnavi, Mahesh, Srimukhi for disobeying his orders. We have to wait and watch if the housemates will complete the task successfully? Stay tuned.

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