Konchem Touchlo Unte Chepta, one of the Tollywood’s most-watched talk shows, premiered on Zee Telugu on the night of July 13th at 9:00 PM. The show kicked off with Ram Pothineni, Nidhi Agarwal and Nabha Natesh as the first guests for Season 4 of KTUC. Soon after, fans are understandably excited to see what’s coming next.

This week, Pradeep Machiraju’s show ‘Konchem Touchlo Unte Chepta’ features Natural Star Nani on the couch. Whether it’s hosting award shows or being interviewed by journalists, Natural Star Nani, is widely regarded as the wittiest superstar in the Tollywood film fraternity. From cutting edge sarcasm to spontaneous wisecracks to self-deprecating fare, Nani, when in his element, doesn’t spare a chance to exhibit his sharp sense of humor.

Up until now every episode of the season has entertained the audience. However, the upcoming episode with Nani will be an absolute laugh riot!

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