Bigg Boss Contestant Punarnavi Breaks Silence On Love, Relationship 

Bigg Boss Contestant Punarnavi Breaks Silence On Love, Relationship - Sakshi Post

The Bigg Boss House has turned into a Police Station for the last task. Baba Bhaskar acted as an SI and Shiva Jyothi as the Writer. The rest of the housemates had to report their problems with the other housemates at the Police station run by Baba Bhaskar. On hearing complaints of the housemates, Baba Bhaskar along with the rest of housemates has the responsibility to distinguish between right and wrong. But the final call will be that of Bigg Boss 3 host Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Vithika Sheru complained against her Husband Varun Sandesh, for forcibly taking the gun from her as a part of the task. Housemates support Varun and Baba Bhaskar supports Vithika. Punarnavi Bhupalam complains about Ali over rash behaviour towards housemates including her, Housemates and Baba Bhaskar supports Punarnavi.

Mahesh Complain about Ali which is supported by all. Later, Housemates disagree with Shilpa Chakravarthy's complaint on Ali. Himaja's complaint against Ravi too is not taken into account. Ravi complains against Vithika. Varun complains against Ali, and Sreemukhi complains against Rahul.

On the other hand, even Bigg Boss creates interest among the audience on Punarnavi Bhupalam and Rahul Sipligunj love. Bigg Boss House footage telecast makes people think that love is blossoming between them. However, in Friday's episode, Punarnavi says that she was in love with another guy for the past two years. And clearly says that she only likes Rahul as a friend.

Nagarjuna asks Punarnavi about the same to which Punarnavi initially hesitates to speak about her love and but later opens up and says that it is true.

And this open statement of Punarnavi about her love has gone viral on social media, and Finally, Nagarjuna saves Rahul from Nominations.

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