Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is only getting more and more interesting with each passing day. Viewers are enjoying the show a lot for its many twists and climaxes. Recently, there was a second wild card entry in the house. Earlier, Show organisers believed to have approached Eesha Rebba, Shraddha Das and Hebbah Patel as a wild card entries for season-3. All of them had politely turned down the offer.

Unexpectedly, Anchor Shilpa came as the contestant and is playing the game fair and clean. If the latest buzz is to be believed, Shraddha Das was keen to participate in the game but she rejected the offer not to because of her busy schedule. She rejected Bigg Boss offer because of Varun Sandesh. During the shooting of 'Maro Charita,' it was rumoured that Varun Sandesh and Shraddha Das were in a relationship.

He got broke up with her for unknown reasons and got hitched to his 'Paddanandi Premalo Mari' co-star Vithika Sheru, and later got married. Currently, they both are in the house. If Shraddha was in the show, it would have been interesting, but she backed off for answers are best known to them.

Talking about Bigg Boss, this week Nagarjuna will be returning to the show after his one week's absence. Last week, he was on vacation to 'Spain' to celebrate his birthday with his family members.

According to sources, Ravi or Ali may face elimination this weekend. Their voting percentage on social media shows that they are in the least position. Who will face the axe? We will come to know by tomorrow night. Watch out this space for more.

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