Cracks In Varun-Vithika Relationship On Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: We Are Not On Honeymoon!

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When Telugu actor Varun Sandesh and his Vithika decided to enter the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house as a couple little did they know what was in store for them. However, netizens saw it coming. They said that the pressure inside the Bigg Boss house will be so much that the two were bound to end up fighting.

It appears that their hunch has come true. In what can be seen as a first sign of strain in the relationship between the married couple, Varun and Vithika, the former was seen reprimanding his wife. Apprently, Vithika was cribbing to Varun about how he had no time for her ever since they entered the Bigg Boss house and that they were not spending enough time together. To this, Varun is said to be have in an agitated tone replied that they were not on a honeymoon but in the Bigg Boss house and they had to follow some decorum.

This led to a debate between the duo with Vithika even breaking down on hearing his words.

The episode promises to have a lot of drama and masala. Do watch Telugu Bigg Boss 3. Here's a promo posted by starmaa featuring the clip featuring Varun and Vithika fighting inside the Bigg Boss house. This clip is from the episode aired last night. For those who missed watching it, here's a peek into the sequence of events.

Meanwhile, after the wild card entry of Shilpa Chakravarthy, things are getting interesting inside the house. Akkineni Nagarjuna had given last weekend's episode a miss as he was busy ringing in his birthday in Spain with wife Amala, Chaitanya and bahu Samantha. It remains to be seen who will leave the house this week in the elimination round.

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