Telugu Bigg Boss 3: Shilpa Chakravarthy Wild Card Entry To Spice Up The Show?

Image Courtesy:Twitter - Sakshi Post

Anchor Shilpa Chakravarthy is the new contestant in the Telugu reality show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Her entry came as a surprise to both the viewers and contestants. The buzz on social media is that the Show organiser brought in another person as a wild card entry into the house which was a huge surprise for everyone. Now people are wondering if Shilpa's sudden entry into the show signals a change in content strategy of the show?

The buzz is that Show organisers hope that her entry will create new buzz in the house as also build new relationships between contestants. This, they believe will keep the TV audience glued to their seats till the end of the season.

We already told you that the general feeling is that the current season of Bigg Boss telugu is boring with not much masala or entertainment to keep the TV viewers engrossed. Now, Shilpa's entry is reportedly to spice up the show.

For those who have been regularly watching the show, it is common knowledge that Shilpa's performance has already ruffled feathers on the show.

Now, the future episodes, the channel hopes will get more interesting and infuse spark into the conversations in the house. This one old card contestant is expected to change the dynamics of the show. Let's wait and watch what happens. Stay tuned to Sakshipost for more updates.

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