Bigg Boss 3 Telugu House Burgled: Details Inside

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu House Burgled: Details Inside - Sakshi Post

The reality show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is being loved by the audiences. Akkineni Nagarjuna has been hosting the show this season. In last night’s episode, Bigg Boss introduced a new task in the house. It actually is a physical task but Bigg Boss asked and warned the intimates to play the task by using their mind. Later, the task turned violent and there was a fight that broke out among the housemates. Since the beginning, both Rahul and Ali have been violent and physical in their own ways by confronting and fighting with each other. At the same time, Vithika too was upset with the behaviour exhibited by Ravikrishna in the Swimming Pool when they were trying to protect a treasure.

Punarnavi stole the show with her performance as she was so angry with Sreemukhi who always raised her voice in the house without any reason. Purnarnavi hates Sreemukhi’s behaviour during the task they both had a war of words amongst each other. The rest of the drama will continue in today episode.

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