Amitabh Bachchan’s Will Content: What Will Big B Do With His Assets?

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Actor Amitabh Bachchan has been very vocal about his wealth being divided among his son and daughter equally. He has actively involved with initiatives that show women empowerment and women equality. He also had taken to the microblogging site Twitter to share that his wealth will be equally divided among his son Abhishek and daughter Shweta.

“When I die, the assets I shall leave behind shall be shared equally between my daughter and my son,” he’d once written on Twitter.

Amitabh has been a long time advocate for women rights and women equality.He has been a UN ambassador for girl child, and has also endorsed the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign.

Amitabh often speaks about female empowerment, especially on social media, where he routinely shares pictures and achievements of his daughter and granddaughters. In a letter addressed to Aaradhya and Navya, shared on social media, he had written, “Don’t live in the shadows of people’s judgment. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom. Don’t let anyone make you believe that the length of your skirt is a measure of your character. Don’t let anyone’s opinion of who you should be friends with dictate who you will be friends with. Don’t get married for any other reason other than you want to get married.” He added, “This may be a difficult, difficult world to be a woman. But I believe that it is women like you that will change that. It may not be easy, setting your own boundaries, making your own choices, rising above people‘s judgment. But you, you can set an example for women everywhere.”

At an event for the empowerment of women, he had said that the majority of crew members on film sets happen to be women. “You will find almost 60 to 70% of people working on film crews are all women. And they do all and every kind of job, right from the DOP, to assistants, to directors, to production, all kind of jobs in the past that were handled by men are now handled by women and I am proud of that.”

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