We Hit It Off The Moment We Met, Prabhas Was Passionate From Day 1: Bollywood Actress

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The two-year wait is over for Saaho and what is touted to be the biggest action thriller of 2019 featuring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, will release in cinemas on August 30th.

These two years of shooting with Prabhas and his company certainly had an impact on Shraddha. In many interviews, she spoke about his hospitality, warmth and food that she was served from his home during the shoot. Shraddha and Prabhas bonding was something that was spoken about time and again during the shooting.

In an interview with a Bollywood magazine, Shraddha Kapoor shared her experience of working with Prabhas and reveals the other side of the Baahubali actor, who is otherwise shy and reserved.

First interaction: Recollecting the first time she met Prabhas, Shraddha says, "I think when we first met, we hit it off instantly. He got super comfortable with me, my team, and I also got along well with his team. He has a great sense of humour. We had great bonding over the three years," she said.

What change has she seen in Prabhas over the years: "He was passionate since the day one! He is so chilled out to work with. Prabhas will always be like laughing in between the shots and joking with everyone."

Hyderabad days: Shraddha further recounts the days she spent in Hyderabad and adds, "UV creations team and Prabhas took such good care of me in Hyderabad. They fed me really well and made sure that I felt very much at home. And in fact, Hyderabad has become my second home."

Saying goodbye: Shraddha shared that she was super nervous as two years of work was ending with the film set to release on August 30.And she also felt sad that such happy phase had come to an end. However, she was grateful for all the love bestowed on her and it would remain to be one of the most memorable movies she worked in her career.

Why should one watch Saaho: It is the biggest action thriller, a multilingual film and of course it's my Telugu debut, she quipped.In addition, most importantly, it is Prabhas' next film after Baahubali she concluded.

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