Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Contestant Sreemukhi Threatens To Sue Publication For Defamation

Bigg Boss  3 Telugu Contestant Sreemukhi  (Pic courtesy Sreemukhi Instagram) - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu contestant Sreemukhi has threatened action, implying legal action against a group of people operating fake Twitter accounts for defaming her. Sreemukhi also accused the Times of India of giving the expression, "black sheep", a racist angle. Elaborating on this, the contestant in the Bigg Boss 3 house said that an article in the newspaper refers to the term black sheep, "which metaphorically means 'odd person'...the word was repeatedly used in Bigg Boss 3 house, she added. Sreemukhi said that Nagarjuna 'sir' and others used in good humour with no intention of malice."

Then Sreemukhi turned her ire on the media house saying it gave the situation and word a racist angle based on a few tweets from fake accounts. In her complaint which appears to have been submitted to a police station, Sreemukhi stated that the media house should have done some basic background check before posting paid/wrong articles.

The Bigg Boss 3 Telugu contestant further said that negative comments against her started to appear suddenly from newly created, fake accounts. For a popular media house to base its stories on these tweets is unacceptable, she said, demanding a proper explanation to this act immediately.

Sreemukhi pointed out that three Twitter accounts which were referred to in the article were created just days before Bigg Boss 3 and had only single digit followers. She added that most of the tweets from these accounts were directed at defaming a single contestant.

Calling out the article in the Times of India, Sreemukhi said that details of the author were missing in it. She sought retraction of the article and a proper investigation into the matter. Sreemukhi alleged that a group of people were working towards her and that action would be initiated if the people in question do not refrain from their actions.

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