Sandalwood Friends Turned Foes: Sudeep Unfollows Darshan On Twitter

Sandalwood Friends Turned Foes: Sudeep Unfollows Darshan On Twitter - Sakshi Post

Kannada star hero Kiccha Sudeep and Darshan are no longer friends, according to sources. This development reportedly took place after Sudeep unfollowed him on Twitter. More than two years after Darshan announced that he and Sudeep are no longer friends, the latter, it seems, has finally given up on their friendship as Sudeep unfollowed him on Thursday. After that, he didn't make any statement about it.

At the core of these problems between the two, lies Darshan's personal life over the last two weeks. It is widely being speculated that family members of Sudeep were the target of abusive voice messages. Major film producers and film industry personalities are said to have prevented Sudeep from taking retaliatory measures.

To set the record straight, Darshan's wife Vijayalakshmi tweeted that everything was fine between her and her husband. She said that the rumours were false including the ones which alleged voice messages sent to Sudeep's family members from her phone.

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