Prabhas has been very busy with his promotion schedules for his upcoming movie Saaho. He has been touring the country giving countless interviews to many media houses, not just here in Hyderabad or in the Telugu states, but also for Hindi Channels as the movie is going to release in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.

Prabhas was found giving a promotional interview with Shraddha on the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’. While on the Show Kapil had one question to both Shraddha and Prabhas. He asked them as to what they do on the day before their movie has been premiering. Prabhas said that a day before his premier of any movies he finds himself on his bed trying to get the most sleep as he can. This was something Kapil Sharma Had a hint about and hinted it to Prabhas as well. Prabhas did say he was right, as the tension and the stress of the movie would have given him sleepless nights.

When Shraddha was asked if the rumours of her being a little uneasy in the stomach with indigestions occours to her on the previous day of her film premier, she agreed to it and said that, “Yes that is true.”

Saaho, a movie directed by Sujeet is slated on release on August 30.

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