Marriage Is Unnecessary Emotional Baggage: Ram Gopal Varma

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Ram Gopal Varma is not the one to mince words. He always talks straight from his heart. And this is famously called Ramuism.The maverick director often sparks controversies for speaking his mind out.

Recently, in an interview to a YouTube Channel Ramu talked about the reason for leaving his wife. The director is highly successful in terms of his profession but when it comes to personal life he believes it's a hassle. He calls marriage an unnecessary emotional baggage. He also remembers how he met his daughter after she grew up as he had separated from his wife.

When he first met, he is believed to have told her that he was the most selfish person who had no time to spare for her. He says, "I told her that whatever bad things you heard about me is not at all an exaggeration and I am worse than that. If you fall sick I can't take time off my busy schedule to sit by your side or tend to you. I can't give my time or waste my energy for those things."

Surprisingly, RGV says his daughter turned into a friend contrary to what eh thought.

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