There's nothing wrong in nursing a desire to become an actor. It takes a lot of time thaen expected to become a successful person in any field not only in film industry. There are many stars who failed several times before reaching their goals in their respective careers. Take the case of Nani or Vijay Deverakonda, they strived hard to reach where they are today.

Now, back to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 3 contestant Rohini was eliminated in the fourth week, last Sunday. Rohini shared about her ups and down in film industry. She also said that she was grateful to Bigg Boss show organisers for giving her an opportunity to be in the house.

But she also made some sensational comments on casting couch in Telugu. She faced casting couch issues more than twice, she alleged. She came to Hyderabad for job purpose and desired to become an actress. With a strong will power, she also went visiting production houses to approach them. In one of the plces, one person is believed to have asked her about commitment.

Rohini gave a befitting reply to him that day itself and her serial was stopped. Another time when she to another TV serial for an audition, she faced a similar issue.

She walked out from there by saying 'No'. However, she hasn't talked about casting couch in reality show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. But she went on to predict Bigg Boss 3 Telugu 3 winners. She said that Baba Bhaskar has the potential to become the winner but there is still two months time and anything can change overnight.

Let's wait and watch to see who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 3 and how contestants will overcome the obstacles for in next upcoming days.