Bigg Boss Contestant Attempts Suicide Inside The House, Evicted   

Image Courtesy:Twitter - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss is one of the most watched controversial reality show on Indian television. The show mainly focuses on the day to day lives of celebrities who are locked up inside the house. The participants or contestants in the show have to put up with each other whether they like it or not. The trick is to survive in the game to win the trophy and cash prize.

Bigg Boss Tamil which is being hosted by Kamal Haasan is successfully running for eight weeks now. Recently, evicted contestant and well-known actress Vanitha Vijayakumar re-entered the Bigg Boss house leaving fans and followers in a bit of shock. During her stay in the house, Vanitha instigated housemate Madhumitha against the boys and this led to an argument between contestants. Madhumitha won the task and became the captain of the house. However, It is being speculated that Madhumitha attempted suicide inside the house.

In the short clip released as a promo, you can see that there is a bandage tied around her arm, which has added fuel to fire. The new promo features host Kamal Haasan and Madhumitha on the stage. Take a look at this promo:

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