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The start of yet another day at Zee Telugu’s Zee Heroes, where the contestants will be pushed beyond their comfort zone to face their most dreaded fears and emerge victorious. An amalgamation of thrill, adventure, courage, reality, entertainment and a whole lot of fear, Zee Heroes goes on-air every Sunday at 9:00 PM only on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD.

In the wilderness of Thailand, 10 daredevils perform their first-ever task with a surprise element that transformed the dilemma for the day! See saw, Zee Heroes first task where two teams, ‘Team Ashwa’ and ‘Team Gaja’ each held with 5 contestants in their respective teams. Having left all viewers at the edge of their seats, ‘Team Ashwa’ won this task.

The end of every episode will witness a face-off task, and the winner of this task will be elected as a Garuda contender. Akarsh as the first Garuda Contender, every second episode will consist of an all-inclusive voting session between the two Garuda contenders and the one with the highest number of votes earns the Garuda winning title. The Garuda winner would earn the power to save themselves or a friend from elimination.

Recovering from the paradoxical See saw challenge, the daredevils recuperate to test their endurance with the traditional yet exotic ‘Thai Fire act’ that requires an amalgamation of fortitude for the stunt that includes fire, water and heights with a blindfold, in the upcoming episode. The unexpected challenge will follow voting between two Garuda Contenders, ensuring the entertainment factor remains a constant.

To find out more, don’t miss watching Zee Heroes at 9:00 PM every Sunday,only on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD.

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