Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Ali Reza Becomes The New Captain Of The House  

Ali Reza Becomes The New Captain Of The House - Sakshi Post

The reality show Bigg Boss 3 continues to roll on, full steam and gathering pace with each episode. In the latest episode, Rohini and Sreemukhi had a heated argument. Sreemukhi opened up saying that Rohini would be eliminated from the house. Rohini was hurt with the behaviour of the Sreemukhi as she didn't expect it from her. Later, Sreemukhi apologized to Rohini for her words.

In the next level of the captaincy task 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri', Bigg Boss placed a throne in the garden area. The three dragon contenders (Ali Reza, Ravi Krishna and Rahul) were then subjected to a challenge to see who would survive on the throne till the end buzzer. The winner, it was announced, would be declared captain.

Most of the housemates supported Ali Reza in the task. Sreemukhi also supported Ali as she did not want Rahul to be the next captain and told Varun Sandesh that she won't talk to him anymore as she was hurt by his attitude. Ali sat on the throne as the buzzer was sounded and Rahul and Ravi Krishna tried to dethrone him by pushing him off. Later, Rahul gave up the task while Ravi Krishna continued to try with his injured hand, but could not succeed. Ali eventually became the next captain of the house.

After Ali became the captain, housemates tried discussing their complaints with him. In the past episode, Rahul asked Punarnavi how she would to react to his proposal to her after the Bigg Boss show got over. She however, denied talking about it with him.

Finally, Rahul apologized to Sreemukhi at the end of the episode.

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