Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Will This Week’s Elimination Spring A Surprise?

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Will This Week’s Elimination Spring A Surprise? - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu has been gathering steam as it rolls past its third week. In the first two weeks, we saw senior character actress Hema and TV anchor Jaffar get eliminated. The big question is, who will be shown the door this week? Five contestants find themselves in the danger zone this week. The axe could fall on Tamanna Simhadri, Rahul Sipligunj, Baba Bhaskar, Punarnavi Bhupalam or Vithika Sheru.

The buzz is that Vithika Sheru may survive the cut, because audiences might not want to see her separated from her husband, Varun Sandesh. Speculation is rife that Tamanna could be eased out especially because she has tried to provoke other housemates on the reality show from the time she got into the house. Also, she has found herself at the receiving end on social media platforms. Tamanna is being seen as the most likely candidate to face elimination.

However, Baba Bhaskar or Rahul Sipligunj could be shown the door this week. If Punarnavi makes an exit, wouldn't that be a big surprise? Watch this space for updates on Bigg Boss 3 Telugu.

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