Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Will Spotlight On Himaja Help Her Get Ahead?

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu contestant Himaja - Sakshi Post

Himaja was right in the thick of things on the Bigg Boss show. With the spotlight on her, she got into an animated discussion with other contestants in the reality show. Jaffar tried to draw her into an exchange, but Himaja was more than ready.

She asked him to send her into elimination stating it did not bother her. While Himaja was telling Sivajyothi that Varun Sandesh decided to go to “jail”, realising his flawed behaviour, Vithika overheard her and got into an argument. All this put the spotlight on Himaja. The big question is, will it help her move up in the reality show? We will know as Bigg Boss 3 unfolds over the next few weeks.

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