Will Bigg Boss 3  Telugu Garner Enough TRPs After These Controversies And Contestants?

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Hyderabad: A section of the audience are wondering whether the Telugu reality show Big Boss Season 3 could actually garner the audience interest and generate TRPs for the show organisers.

After a fortnight-long hullabaloo over the relay of the show left people wondering whether or not Bigg Boss 3 would take off. The controversy marring the show included allegations of sexual harassment against the show organisers by journalist Swetha Reddy and actress Gayatri Gupta. They had also lodged criminal complaints against four show organisers in the police station and also submitted a letter to the National Commission for Women in New Delhi and protested in Jantar Mantar to highlight their plight.

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And if that was not enough, an advocate-cum-producer K Jagadishwar Reddy filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Telangana High Court seeking a stay on the show. He also stated that TV shows such as Bigg Boss to be subjected to censorship on the lines of film censorship and certification. Though the PIL was likely to be heard next week, the show was anyway aired on Sunday.

Then, a group of protesters claiming to be Osmania University's students created ruckus and staged protest at the residence of leading Telugu actor Akkineni Nagarjuna who demanded a ban on the show, which was hosted by him. Despite they being arrested, that did not draw a response from Nagarjuna over the controversies surrounding the show.

He himself once had stated that he would never host a programme like Bigg Boss. However, the lure of money and the rumours of hefty remuneration per show that he was being paid to do the show as there was nobody big enough to fill the boots of the host for Bigg Boss reality show.

All's well that ends well the show was aired on time on Sunday, despite all the uproar.

However, looking at the list of the contestants, which was also not decided until the last minute, was rather disappointing as not many of them were compelling enough to watch the show on the telly tube.

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The only names to be reckoned with are character actress Hema, anchor Srimukhi, anchor Teenmaar Savithri Akka a.k.a. SivaJyothi, news anchor Jaffar and Telugu film actor Varun Sandesh and his one-film-wonder wife Vithika.

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Stay tuned for more updates on Big Boss 3 show highlights.

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