The popular TV9 anchor Jaffar is one of the 15 contestants of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. If you may recall, the previous season which was hosted by Nani had seen TV9 Deepthi as a contestant. She managed to be one of the top finalists of the last season but couldn't bag the winner's title. We will know whether Jafar will emerge as a winner or not only after 100 days in the Bigg Boss House.

It's too early to talk about winners as the show was launched only last night. Looks like TV9 Jaffar could become a controversial person of this season. In one of her interview, Hema who is also a contestant of the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reportedly mocked him. Sparks could fly between these two contestants, it is being speculated.

The grapevine suggests that Jaffar must have known the ropes on how to become winner of the show. Ideally, he could be following ex-contestant Kaushal Manda. It was reported that he had formed Kaushal Army in groups and created several social media pages to spread the word about him even before entering into the house.

Murmurs are doing the rounds Jaffar too might have set up social media groups before making an entry into the house. Some of them are visible on social media under his name but this news has not been confirmed from his side.

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