Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Episode 1 Highlights: Nagarjuna Introduces 15 Contestants 

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Tollywood Superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna kicked off Bigg Boss season 3 on Sunday night by introducing the participants.  Nagarjuna recalled that there were 30 people in the Akkineni household and his father, the legendary actor, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, framed a rule saying that on Sunday all of them had to meet. The superstar said this is how they could bond and come close as a family.

Akkineni Nagarjuna pointed out that there were 15 people in the Bigg Boss House and walked the viewers through the House including the living area, kitchen and bedroom. The first contestant brought on board was Telugu TV star, Sivajyothi, who indulged in some banter with the superstar. Nagarjuna called her Akka like most of her fans do, he said. Sivajyothi in response feigned getting upset and gave the viewers plenty of laughs.

The next candidate brought in by Nagarjuna was popular Telugu TV serial actor Ravikrishna, followed by actress Ashu Reddy from the film Chal Mohan Ranga. All three of them were sent into the bedroom where the first contestant, Sivajyothi chose the only single bed for herself.

The fourth contestant on the reality show introduced by Nagarjuna was the popular TV9 anchor Jaffar Babu

Nagarjuna then brought in the fifth contestant, film and TV actress Himaja.

Nagarjuna introduced the sixth contestant in the reality show, folk singer, musician and songwriter Rahul Sipligunj. Rahul came in with a bang singing his way on to the show.

Giving a hint about the next contestant, saying she would have her housemates and audiences in splits, Nagarjuna brought in popular TV comedienne, Rohini

The  Tollywood king then brought in the eighth contestant in the show, actor, director Baba Bhaskar, a popular personality from the Tamil industry.

Nagarjuna brought in housemate no.9, the Uyyala Jampala actress, Punarnavi.

Punarnavi Bhupalam also acted in Malli Malli idi raani roju. Actress Hema was brought in as housemate no.10. A veteran character actor Hema has essayed many roles over the years.

TV Actor Ali Raza from Hyderabad Nawabs-2 was brought in as the eleventh contestant

Nagarjuna next introduced the twelfth contestant, actor and comedian, Mahesh Vitta.

The  Manmadhudhu actor also known as the king of romance in Tollywood then brought in the thirteenth contestant in the reality show, popular actress Sreemukhi.

The sultry actress and anchor came dancing and singing on to the show with a bang.

Akkineni Nagarjuna finally introduced fourteenth contestant in Bigg Boss 3 actor, Varun Sandesh. The last contestant in the show introduced to viewers and housemates was Varun Sandesh’s wife actress, Vittika Sheru.

For the first time, the makers of Bigg Boss introduced a couple as contestants on the show.

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