Producer Wanted To Show Eggs Frying On Mallikas Stomach

Mallika Sherawat - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: At an appearance on the sets of the Kapil Sharma Show for the upcoming film ALTBalaji along with Ekta Kapoor and Tushar kapoor, Mallika Sherawat had made a revelation that shows how many Indian producers objectify women.

In one of the conversations Kapil Sharma had asked Mallika Sherawat about a incident he came to here when people wrapped their rotis (Flattened wheat bread) in news papers with photos of Mallika on it to keep it warm, while laughing at this she revealed that there was once a producer who had asked to potray an egg getting fried on the stomach of Mallika Sherawat to show how hot she was.

Ektha Kapoor on the other hand was very happy to be on the show and said that even though she hasent stepped foot on the sets of any other talk show, she has come to the Kapil Sharma Show Thrice now.

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