Race Gurram Actor Takes Oath As Real Life MP, Jokes Flood Social Media

Madhali Shiva Reddy jokes flooded social media - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Do you remember the villain, Madhali Shiva Reddy in Allu Arjun's super hit movie, Race Gurram, which released five years ago? In the movie, the role of Madhali Shiva Reddy fails to file the nomination as an MLA after Allu Arjun's character thrashes him to a point where he lands in the hospital. Later, without filing any nomination, Shiva Reddy somehow manages to become a Minister in the movie.

He takes the oath of the office saying 'Madhali Shiva Reddy Ane Nenu..' and relishes in securing the political power. That's the movie. But how would it be if this happens in real life? This actually happened with the Race Gurram actor, Ravi Kishan, who has emerged victorious as the BJP candidate from the Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh with a margin of 3 lakh votes. The Bhojpuri star has been sworn in as MP in the Assembly. However, his swearing-in has now gone viral on social media. Netizens are having a laugh sharing images of the actor from Race Gurram alongside his real swearing-in.

With captions such as 'Madhali Shiva Reddy in Loksabha', 'I really became an MP', pictures are being widely circulated on social media. Users are even sharing comments like 'Hey villain became a hero', 'Madhali Sivara Reddy, you have finally accomplished your goal', 'Even though you are a villain in the movie, you should be the hero in real life by serving the public'.

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