Actress Sri Reddy is a very popular star across the film industry. She became a huge sensation in Tollywood ever since she made serious accusations on several Telugu actors. Sri Reddy came into limelight when she stripped protest against the menace of casting couch outside the Telugu Film Chambers where she was denied membership.

Sri Reddy is an internet buff and seems like her latest target is Actor Vishal. In a Facebook post, she wrote on her timeline, "F***.. What will happen in Vishal's caravan? You Go for payed sex, I know who will provides girls to you. Swear on your family and say you didn't do all this mess with many girls..sharati babu daughter also a victim. I know three of your victims..I'm a real roaring lion u can't compare yourself with me..please be real vishal,it's a smile life.I i get any problem anywhere, you will defintely see my kaali maatha avatharam which will destroy everything."

We don't have any clue, why Sri Reddy is targeting and threatening Vishal with several posts. It remains to be seen how Vishal is going to react to this.

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