The controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy has brought herself into the paparazzi’s limelight when she revealed atrocious details of the prevalent casting couch in the Telugu film industry. She has managed to waltz herself back into the media's eye, and now the people on the receiving end of it are Director Teja and actor Vishal. She has made some sensational comments on the two.

Sri Reddy, who is an active user of social media took to Facebook and wrote about director Teja. On her Facebook account, Sri Reddy digs up information on Teja’s ties with Vijaya Lakshmi.

She said: “Oka nurse ni prema dhoma ani cheppi baga Kindha Midha vaadesi vadilesav gurthundha??” which roughly translates to “After coaxing a nurse in the name of love and after using her from top to bottom, you left her, do you remember?”

While Sri Reddy seems to be good with staying in the limelight, let’s see what could be up to her sleeve next.

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