Prabhas Saaho Becomes New Yardstick To Measure Movie Quality In Tollywood

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For an actor, to shed or gain weight for a film is one of the most difficult tasks to perform, but cine artistes have no choice but to bow down to the diktats of the director if they have to fit into the role as visualized by the screen writer. So cinema actors no matter how established they are go all out to prep for their role. Gone are the days when a stuntman or a duplicate would be used to substitute for difficult action scenes. These days, actors are required to perform themselves.

To get into the skin of the character, actors go all out to train themselves before the start of the movie. Be it learning a sport, martial arts or even action scenes, actors get formal training from a professional before the movie goes on floors. And Telugu rebel star Prabhas is no exception o this. One look at the Saaho teaser and it is easy to see that the actor has proved it that he would go to any lengths to appease millions of his fans out there.

Before the phenomenal success of 'Baahubali' Prabhas had 15 years who acted in several films. Now, Prabhas is an Pan Indian actor because of 'Baahubali' franchise but he was an established actor in Telugu with the films 'Mirchi', 'Darling' and a few. One cannot deny the fact, Prabhas has become the biggest competitor to his peers in Telugu. You all will be surprised if you hear the facts about Prabhas and his sacrificing remuneration for these directors.

We all aware that, it took five years for the 'Baahuballi' series to wrap up. In that gap, Prabhas received a bulk of offers from several filmmakers. He rejected all the films for Rajamouli and dedicated all of his time to 'Baahubali'. However, his hard work, dedication and commitment for 'Baahubali' was really worth it and paid off too. He is soaring greater heights each passing day. He has reached career peak even before his contemporaries. In the time he spent on a movie, Prabhas could have worked in at least three films and earned at least Rs 50 to 60 Crores for three projects. However, the actor chose to sacrifice his movies and remuneration for director SS Rajamouli. But we all know that the wait was really worth it because to gain something you have forego something.

Now, with 'Saaho', Prabhas is doing it yet again and proven that he wants to focus more on content-driven films rather than aiming to do one film per year. Over the past two years, Prabhas has been working on 'Saaho' which is in its post-production stage and progressing at a rapid pace. Prabhas and his fans are over the moon for teaser massive response to the teaser on social media. Prabhas has sacrificed his time for 'Saaho'. Being a star, he could have easily signed up simultaneous movies and made money while working on Saaho or demanded Sujeeth to wrap up the movie within a set period. But, he with no conditions, Prabhas has dedicated a good part of his time in the last two years, waiting patiently to complete the movie without any hurdles. If the buzz doing the rounds is any indication, Prabhas is being paid 20 Crores as remuneration for Saaho.

We don't know whether we can laud at his decision to sacrifice so much time but we bow to his commitment and dedication towards his craft. It’s very rare to find huge star willing to let go of money for a single movie. I guess Prabhas is an exception to this who believes in quality of films rather than the quantity and set a new percent for his peers. Prabhas wants to give the best to his fans and those who believe in his talent. Prabhas 'Saaho' is slated for release on August 15 across the globe.

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