If Tollywood has one star who has managed to do different roles and putting effort to take the Telugu Film Industry into the next level, it is Rebel star Prabhas. The popular franchise 'Baahubali' was critically acclaimed and declared a phenomenal hit at the box office. Is there anyone on the planet who wouldn't know about 'Baahubali'? Maybe there could be ten percent but the rest of ninety percent of people are aware of Baahubali, thanks to Rajamouli and his fans for encouraging the film. In this context, Prabhas is indebted to the extended family of his fans.

There is no denying that Prabhas and his fans are in a celebratory mood. The answer you all know the mind-blowing teaser is out. It is receiving a positive response from fans and critics. The teaser received 100k likes within one hour which is huge. Fans are going gaga over 'Saaho' teaser on social media. They are highly praising Prabhas saying that waiting for 'Saaho' teaser for two years is really worth. Prabhas made his fans proud with a dialogue in the teaser which has become a rage amongst his fans. We guess, you must have seen it, but still, here we go: Shraddha Kapoor: "Evaru Vallu? Prabhas:Fans. Shraddha Kapoor:Entha Violent ga unnaru,Prabhas: Die Hard fans."It wouldn't be wrong if we consider this dialogue as a tribute from Prabhas to his fans.

'Saaho' is not being dubbed in other languages, It is shot in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil, simultaneously.