Even as Sri Reddy continues her tirade against Tollywood directors accusing them of casting couch, another Telugu actress has come out in the open to narrate her ordeal with a director. Recalling her #metoo story, Shalu Shamu, during a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, reportedly said that one of the Telugu directors sought sexual favours from her for giving her a chance in a Vijay Deverakonda movie. The actress, however, refused to divulge further details. She neither named the Telugu director who she accused of asking her sleep with him to land a role in a Vijay Deverakonda role nor has she stated which movie she was referring to.

With her allegation, she has added credence to Sri Reddy's claim that casting couch does exist in the Telugu film industry.

During an interaction with fans on Instagram, Shalu was asked if casting couch was for real in the industry. She was quick to reply in the affirmative while recalling her sordid experience. Replying to a question on casting couch, Shalu said that a renowned director had approached her for a role in a Vijay Deverakonda movie with a condition that she sleep with him.

It's a known fact that Vijay Deverakonda is one of the most versartile actors in the industry right now. He is the most sought-after actor, thanks to his back-to-bck hits and his immeasurable talent. Naturally, every actress would love to act opposite Deverakonda. Why our own actress, even Bollywood actress Jahnavi Kapoor openly expressed her desire to work with Deverakonda on Karan Johar show in which she called Vijay a hot actor. So, if there's an iota of truth to what Shalu claims, then it's possible that the director wanted to misuse the popularity of Vijay Deverakonda for his selfish gains. We are dead sure Deverakonda would not like this one bit given that he's a thorough professional and a dedicated one at that who doesn't tolerate such acts. Remember, how he lovingly asked his Rowdy fans not to abuse others online?

It may be recalled that Sri Reddy was the first to call out Sexual Harassment in the industry. Now with Shalu Shamu claim, we wonder who the director is. can you guess?

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