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Relationships and friendships are tough to come by in the film industry. One such friendship is that of Jr NTR and Rajiv Kanakala, who have been known to set friendship goals in the industry. It is learned that Jr NTR seeks Rajiv’s opinion on his movies and even in his personal life. Rajiv has starred in several of the actor's movies such as Student No. 1, Nannaku Prematho, Janatha Garage playing strong supportive characters.

In 2009, NTR campaigned on behalf of TDP where he was seen accompanied by Rajiv Kanakala. During the same election campaign, Jr NTR's car met with an accident and both of them suffered injuries.

Later on, speculation arose that the duo's friendship turned sour after the release of Ashok and they reconciled during the making of Janatha Garage.

Responding to these rumours, Rajiv Kanakala said, "I will never push someone out of my life. But I can't stop if they themselves want to be away. It's their choice. However, reports about my friendship with NTR is a different story. In fact, there have never been any issues with NTR. If the rumours were true, why would I work on projects - 'Janatha Garage' and 'Nannaku Prematho' with him?"

He questioned, "How is it possible to star in every movie of NTR? It is the choice of the director. I should be suitable for a character in the movie. If I star in every movie alongside NTR, the audience will also not appreciate it much. It is not a rule to act in every film of NTR."

Speaking further, Rajiv Kanakala said, "My bond with NTR has remained the same since the days of our first movie, Student No 1. But our lives are occupied with busy schedules, married lives, and kids which is the reason we don't meet often. Yet, our friendship will remain the same."

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