Allu Arjun Gifts Ayaan Mini Swimming Pool For Birthday

Allu Ayaan - Sakshi Post

Southern Star Allu Arjun’s father gifted his grandson Allu Ayaan one of the unique gift on Ayaan’s birthday. Allu Ayaan wanted a separate pool for himself for this scorching summer and Allu Aravind gifted the same on his son’s birthday. Allu Arjun posted pics on social media and said that he is jealous of his kid who is having fun all the time.

Bunny also revealed that they named the pool as “Allu Pool”.He wrote that “My dad gifted Ayaan a swimming pool for his Birthday.

I am still in shock. When he asked Ayaan what he wanted 45 days ago? Ayaan said Pool. Dad agreed and Delivery. On Dot. Ayaan is soo lucky to have a granddad like that. Lucky 4th generation kids. I envy them.”

Allu Arjun kids in a swimming pool

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