Suryakantham Review: Niharika Steals The Show  

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Suryakantham Review: Niharika Steals The Show

Cast and Crew: Niharika, Rahul Vijay


Director: Pranith

Veteran actor Naga Babu’s actress daughter Niharika is back with her latest venture titled Suryakantham. The film has opened in theatres worldwide today. The film has received mixed reviews from all quarters.

Suryakantham story: Abhi and Suryakantham are the main characters in the film played by Rahul Vijay and Niharika respectively. The plot is a love triangle. Niharika’s parents get separated during her childhood days. After that, she loses trust on marriage and relationship. She stays with her mom played by (Suhasini). Niharika plays a crazy character in the movie. She does whatever she likes without compromising. Abhi (Rahul Vijay) falls in love with her and he even proposes to her to take the relationship to the next level. Post proposal, she leaves the city without intimating him. During this period, Rahul’s marriage is fixed with another girl Pooja (Perlene). Then again, Niharika enters Rahul’s life. The rest of the story is who will the hero marry finally?

Performance: Niharika’s performance in the film is far better than her previous movies. She plays a negative shade character in the film which is bold and unique. In one word, she has done justice to her role. Other supporting cast have also performed well in the film.

Plus Points:

Niharika Performance

Comedy scenes

Minus Points:

Story and Screenplay

Weak screenplay

Climax Scene

Verdict: The movie is chaotic

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