Netflix Offering Competitive Prices To Beat Amazon Prime Video?

Netflix Offering Competitive Prices To Beat Amazon Prime Video? - Sakshi Post

Netflix is gearing up for expansion in India. Mobile users in India can avail the app on a lower subscription base price. The move is set to be introduced on a test basis.

However, unlike the current plan where a singular subscription of Netflix allows access on TVs, laptops and mobile phones, this plan is only for the cell-phone subscriber community.

The new plan's prices are set at Rs 250 as the users can stream all of Netflix's content on their mobile phones in Standard Definition (SD) format. As per reports, the plan will reduce the current Rs 500 monthly pricing by half.

Depending on the quality of video format (High Definition to 4K) and the number of viewing screens, the plans, at present fall in the price range of INR 500-800. With the increasing competition from Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar, who offer Video-on-Demand (VOD) services with a lesser subscription price, Netflix may have taken up this move.

An entire year subscription plan from Hotstar is Rs 1200 and monthly plans start at Rs 199 while Amazon Prime Video, is priced at Rs 129 per month. Similar to Hotstar, the services of Amazon can be availed at a discounted price, for a full-year subscription.

Netflix will be testing different options in select countries where members can avail the services on their mobile device for a lower price. However, these plans might not be implemented beyond the tests, according to a Netflix spokesperson.

Even though the America-based streaming giant offers a wide range of international and original domestic content, the prices are higher than any other VOD service in India. Amidst this, the mobile-plan might be a welcome move for the potential subscribers.

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