I Have Unravelled Fraud And Holding Organisers Accountable: Babu Gogineni 

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By Sarah with inputs from Reshmi AR

Bigg Boss contestant Babu Gogineni wa the first Bigg Boss contestant to call Kaushal Army a paid fan club. It's public knowledge Babu Gogineni and Kaushal were never on good terms. There have been been war of words between Gogineni and Kaushal Army when the show was on air. If you recall, when Babu Gogineni was evicted from the show, all contestants of the show bid farewell to him except who called himself a one man Army and played the sympathy card.

Again, when Kaushal was announced as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, some of his housemates including Geetha Madhuri, Nutan Naidu, Roll Rida among others congratulated him except Babu Gogineni. He walked out of the stage without even greeting him probably because he saw through Kaushal's winning strategy.

Kaushal did a lot of success tours and even claimed to have received a call from the PMO and said that a top University would confer doctorate on him very soon. But in a matter of days, people called his bluff and a Telugu channel host insulted him on a live show by nailing his lies. After that the Bigg Boss winner's popularity has taken a beating. His fellow contestants including Tanish have heaved a huge sigh of relief after learning that Kaushal is a total fake. His recent press conference reflected his behaviour too. While Kaushal's former housemates like Geetha Madhuri and tejaswi have chosen to remain mum on his recent outburst in which he also accused Tanish and Gogineni responsible for his career failure, Gogineni is no mood to let go.

After it emerged that Kaushal had indeed misused funds collected by his Army of fans, Gogineni wondered aloud why Bigg Boss host Nani wasn't reacting to it. He shared a post on his facebook timeline. He demanded to know why Nani was silent about the Kaushal episode. We all know that silence is golden. Yes, it helps to maintain silence at times. It appears Nani has chosen the silent path with respect to replying to trolls. Kaushal Manda who felt cornered after being cornered by his own fans seems to have found a new-found liking for politics. Kaushal’s career is clearly at stake and choosing the political field might help him reshape his career. On the other hand, Nani has a slew of projects in his pipeline. He is also busy with his own movies and very soon he will be seen in 'Jersey'.

Reacting to this article, Babu Gogineni hit out at reports saying he had not moved on even days after the show got over. In a text message sent to the author, Gogineni stated in no uncertain terms thus...

“You say I am yet to get over Bigg Boss 2 and that I harbour grudges, but you do not have the capacity to understand that I have unravelled fraud and am holding the organizers accountable.  You suggest that Nani is busy as if the rest of us are free. Some gumption.”

Now it remains to be seen what Nani has to say about Babu Gogineni’s statements. Is he going to reply or choose to ignore which he did till now? There's more to come, so stay tuned to Sakshipost for updates.

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