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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda is on a major damage control mode. We already told you that after allegations of Kaushal Army Foundation funds misuse emerged, Kaushal held a press conference to clear the air. During the presser, he said he had rbought all the documents with him to show as proof. However, he neither showed not submitted the same to the reporters present there.

Now, with his own army of fans revolting against him, Kaushal is making every effort to win back the lost credibility. He posted a counter to all his haters on Instagram and vowed to make a comeback. Here's a look at his post...

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I'm a living example of what society does to people who raise to fame without a proper background in the industry. 'Be yourself,' they say but, when you try to be, they bring you down just because you are different from others. They torment you in ways unimaginable. There were quite a few number people who killed themselves because of the society but, I'll try and remain strong. I'll live and I'll stand above all. I would prove myself despite all the accusations thrown my way. Regardless of all the people who were proved scam, the society only goes after the genuine people. This society- they wouldn't dare to go against the actual scumbags in a fear of what might happen to 'em. They only try to bring the good one's down for they know the better wouldn't harm a soul. Thinking is difficult, that is why most people decide to judge. But, give a moment to yourself and think of all the bullying you've done in the past in ways unknown to yourself. Don't judge people so easily, see the world for what it is not how you want it to be. Now, it is no more about the money or the bank accounts. You are trying to hurt me and my family mentally. This has reached the limits and you're dementing a person's mental health. My wife is suffering from cancer and this is high time for me to spend time with her. My children needs me and their mother and it's time for us to spend time with them. And, whatever you try to do I've evidencess to prove myself clean.Taking my bank details to the media without my conscience itself is a crime. Since you can't directly affect me, you're choosing a way through the Kaushal Army and the Foundation. But, the Army was not founded by me. It was what people created out of love for me so, you can't bring me down that way. I wanna request everyone to stop this already. Just let it be. All this drama would only effect people. However, remember this one thing- whatever you do, do it with all your heart and do not bother about people judging. It's not the people's opinions, it's your happiness and dreams that matters the most. Soon all KAUSHAL ARMY FOUNDATION account statement will upload soon for public in www.kaushalarmyfoundation.org Challenge it

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