Kaushal Blew Up Foundation Money On Drinks In Goa: Kaushal Army President

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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda is yet again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. We already told you that Kaushal shut down his Kaushal Army Foundation after several allegations of misuse of funds were levelled against him by the fans themselves. Kaushal Army Foundation was launched after he emerged as the Bigg Boss winner to collect funds for charity. It’s a known fact that Kaushal became a household name during his stint in Bigg Boss show. Earlier, the contestant had featured in several movies and serials but his reality show win didn’t get him any film offers as expected from filmmakers.

Recently, Kaushal Manda called a press conference and said, “I didn't misuse any funds. I have maintained record since Kaushal Army Foundation was started. Some Bigg Boss contestants who are unable to digest my success are trying to destroy my career.” He also accused Tanish, Babu Goginei and Tejaswi of hatching a conspiracy against him. Former Bigg Boss contestants Tejaswi responded to Kaushal allegation asking fans not to trust Kaushal while Tanish decided to file a defamatory case against Kaushal.

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Not only Kaushal’s fellow contestants, his own fans are angry on him over his bad behaviour. In a video making the rounds on the internet, Kaushal Army President Imam reveals some shocking points about the Bigg Boss 2 winner. I organized the fundraising event Go Goa for Kaushal, he says. The foundation president even gathered some of his friends to contribute some amount for the event. “Post the show, I have been travelling with Kaushal Manda. I know about all about Kaushal now. I spent a lakh on Kaushal’s Go Goa event. I arranged Rs 40,000 with the help of my friends for the event. Kaushal told he is not an alcoholic. While we were having dinner during our fundraising trip in Goa, a few of my friends were drinking beside me. When we asked Kaushal, what he wanted to drink? One of the members asked him will you drink, sir? Yes, I will drink and I need a screwdriver. I was zapped as I don’t know what it meant. Then Kaushal said, you don't know what is a screwdriver? It is a kind of alcohol. He would booze on all the days we were in Goa. How can he drink like that when we all came to support him for a cause. How can he drink like that? Was that an event for his own benefit or enjoyment? Does he really mean charity? It’s a shame to be his fan, he signed off. Here’s a look at the full video.

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