Yajamana Vs KGF Collections: Darshan Fans Social Media War With Yash Followers

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Kollywood actors Yash and Darshan are becoming the cynosure of all eyes. Fans of Yash and Darshan are out on social media platforms, pitching about their favorite actors. Yash fans are leaving no stone unturned to prove that their actor and his movie are better than Darshan's 'Yajamana'. Kollywood 2019 has ended on a great note with Yash's 'KGF' which was a phenomenal hit at the box office. Guess what? 2019 indeed has continued the success rate at Sandalwood with another blockbuster hit Darshan's 'Yajamana'. Both the movies have received a lot of immense and adulation from movie buffs.

Of late, Yash and Darshan fans are fighting over their movies on Twitter. A small twitter war is happening between their respective fans. They are stating that Darshan is a true crowd puller as he released his latest movie Yajamana in just Kannada. But Yash KGF was released in several languages and raked in huge collections. This was a clear dig at Yash, who is called as the rocking star of Sandalwood. Yajamana is being seen as the challenging star's (Darshan) Reply to the rocking star (Yash).

According to sources, so far Darshan's 'Yajamana' has managed to collect Rs 18.6 Cr gross at the ticket windows. The film is on a roll which is expected to hit a century within a couple of days from now. The Audience who watched 'Yajamana' are gushing about the film by using expressions such as- mindblowing, awesome etcetera. Luckily, 'Yajamana' has the benefit of 'Maha Shivaratri' which is going to boost collections. As per sources, 'Yajamana' is running in theatres near you with going full packed. Check out the tweets which we have gathered for you over 'Yajamana' vs 'KGF':

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