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Youngest Akkineni Akhil's much awaited film Mr Majnu hit theatres worldwide today. The film features Nidhi Agerwal who played the female lead opposite Akhil's brother Chaitanya in Savyasachi. Directed by Venky Atluri of Tholi Prema fame, the film was bankrolled by BVSN Prasad. So, how has the movie fared? Does the film live up to the expectations of the audience? Will Akhil score another hit after his previous outing Hello? Read on to find out.

Mr Majnu Plot: A typical casanavo who loves to live his life without any bondage. He hates being tied down to commitments. But what happens when he meets the love of his life? Does he apply the same logic or he changes himself to pursue his love? That's what forms crux of the story.

Akhil's Mr Majnu Review

The fim's story is old wine in a new bottle. it has its usual mix of masala ingredients to make it a mass hit. Typical romantic drama but Akhil certainly has done his bit to keep the audience entertained. His characterisation will impress the young guys. Nidhi too looks good and there it ends. The rest of the cast have done a great job as supporting actors. There are elements which stand out in the movie but at other times, you do feel it's cliched and stereotypic. This movie is all out to promote the young Akkineni actor as a chocolate hero and does a good job of that! First half is breezy and keeps you engaged as Venky makes a successful attempt at building the plot.

Another good aspect of this movie that doesn't go unnoticed is the character of Mr Majnu aka Vikram who no doubt is a playboy but doesn't insult or disrespect women. There's no objectification of women as such in the movie which is a huge relief, at least after all the hullabaloo created by the #metoo campaign. There are a few things like Vicky being shown as the only eligible bachelor available in London which is like stretching it too far. Nevertheless, it does keep his fans happy for whatever it is worth! And yes there are feel good moments and cheesy pick up lines from yesteryear ANR movie that Vikram uses on women which draws whistles.

Overall, a one-time watch.


  • Akhil-Nidhi chemistry
  • cinematography
  • Music


Screenplay not gripping enough

Verdict: If you are one of those who loves cheesy flicks that makes you feel good, then Mr Majnu is for you. A treat for Akkineni fans.

Audience who managed to watch the premiere and early shows have shared their review on Twitter. Let's have a look at what the public talk is about Mr Majnu.

Mr Majnu Twitter Review

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