Kaushal’s Wife Openly Questions Babu Gogineni In Public

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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants Kaushal Manda and Babu Gogineni used to be rivals in the house during the previous edition of the show. They were hardly on good terms while they were in the house. Kaushal emerged as the winner of Season-2.

If reports are to be believed Babu Gogineni expressed his resentment at Kaushal mainly for his massive fan following. Post his eviction, he stated that Kaushal's wife Neelima is running the Kaushal Army. He is said to have made sensational comments that the Kaushal Army which was formed through his performance in the show was paid army. Kaushal Manda’s fans trolled him heavily on social media a while back.

Last year, we informed you that there would be debated between Kaushal Manda and Babu Gogineni in Melbourne city, Australia. One clip of the video doing the rounds where Kaushal's wife Neelima questions him for his against her husband. She questioned, “Babu Gogineni garu, have you ever seen me? You never did, right! I'm Kaushal’s wife. You mentioned in many interviews that Kaushal Army is being run by his family members. There is a manager for Kaushal Army. Is there any proof Babu garu?

I was promoting and being in touch with his fans on behalf of my better half through his Instagram account. Kaushal came forward to support her and stated that before he entered the Big Boss house, his wife knew nothing about Instagram. “I taught her how to use Instagram.” Neelima said “as contestants both of you have the right to fight for a cause. I'm a homemaker, how can you make such false allegations about me. I could have responded at the time. But, I have been waiting for Kaushal to talk about this. You have showed some facebook pages. Is that created by Kaushal? Do you have proof. Babu Gogineni responded to her saying that it doesn't matter. Neelima said “it matters to us. They are innumerable accounts in the name of Kaushal, Kaushal Manda. Were they all created by Kaushal?”Neelima concluded by thanking Ajay who organised the show for them.

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