Telugu Anchors Anasuya, Suma Remuneration Will Shock You

Anasuya, Suma, Rashmi - Sakshi Post

Did you know how much Telugu anchors earn? Currently, anchors Suma, Rashmi and Anasuya are leading choice of artistes to host programmes on small screen as well film events. It is learnt that their income is better than few telugu actresses. We know it is hard to believe but you have no choice but to admit it.

Telugu number one anchor at the moment is Suma, wife of actor Rajiv Kanakala. She is the brand ambassador for Telugu movie big events or film awards. According to sources, she charges Rs 2 to 2.5 lakhs per audio event. If it comes to audio function she repordtely doubles her per pay, it is learned.

Anchor Anasuya has become a household with reality shows like Jabardasth. She is a more demandable actress after Suma in Telugu. She has been juggling movies and TV shows. If sources are to be believed, she charges Rs 2 Cr for film events. Nowadays, she is not be seen much in events. Looks like she is more inclined towards reality shows which she is synonynous with.

Last but not the least, Rashmi is also one of the most popular anchors in Telugu states. She also enjoys a massive fan following thanks to her hosting skills with Jabdarsth. Fans are now desperately waiting for her entry into movies. Her salary for film events is likley be more than one lakh.

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