NTR Kathanayakudu Fails To Impress Audiences

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NTR Kathanayakudu, the biopic of legendary actor turned politician NT Rama Rao produced by his son Nandamuri Balakrishna, himself reprising the role of his father and late actor NT Rama Rao has hit the screens on Wednesday. The movie had been making into the headlines since its announcement. Fans of the star Balayya are on cloud nine after watching the movie. But no one else seems to share their enthusiasm. The average movie goer is less than impressed and is left with the feeling that the magic of a biopic is missing in the movie.

Some of the reasons circulating are—no references to the childhood of the ace actor, how NTR met filmmaker LV Prasad and how the latter offered him a movie. This turning point in NTR’s life does not find a mention. The younger version NTR's look portrayed by Balakrishna is annoying even to the fans of Balayya.

In the second half of the movie, there are many key scenes missing. Some of them are: when did Chandrababu meet NTR and how did he get his daughter married to him? Much of the screen time has gone to portraying Balakrishna in different kinds of appearance as per roles played by his father, but in many such scenes, he looks awkward and decidedly clumsy.

Another exaggerating part about the movie is the scene where NTR it says stood still in the same pose for 20 hours straight for the Ravana’s character, with 10 heads played in Sita Rama Kalyanam movie. This has led wags to comment that only Chandrababu can outdo his brother-in-law in making tall claims. Besides, only the hit movies of NTR are being shown in the movie. None of his flops are referred to.

The famous “emantivi emantivi” dialogue from “Dana Veera Soora Karna” movie, which was a craze in the yesteryears could not be repeated by Balakrishna, and he merely lipsyncs for the old audio.

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