Tamil Actress Priyanka Opens Up On Her Divorce

Actress Priyanka with her husband Lawrence Rao(file photo) - Sakshi Post

Perambur: Marriages of movie stars and TV stars are not always a glamorous affair. Like many other marriages, they can be short-lived. One such instance is that of Tamil actress Priyanka who was divorced three years ago. But the reasons behind the divorce of the actress from her husband Lawrence Rao were unknown all this while. However, in a recent interview, Priyanka opened up about her divorce.

Priyanka is Malayalee, who got famous with Vasanthabalan’s movie Veyil. Later acted in Sengathu Bhoomiyilae, Vaanam Partha Seemaiyile, and many other Malayalam movies. At the same, she fell in love with director Lawrence Rao. They were in a relationship for a long time and got hitched in 2012. For three years everything seemed perfect in their married life.

However, a difference of opinion arose on many issues. Meanwhile, their son Mukunda Ram was also born. Priyanka left the house of her in-laws carrying her son and did not return to to her in-laws' house. She stayed with her parents. Priyanka opened up about the reasons behind her divorce and said, my husband was against me continuing to act in movies post-wedding. The Tamil actress added that her husband even uploaded a few intimate pictures of her on social media platforms, and this was another reason behind the divorce. The divorced couple’s son Mukunda Ram is with Priyanka, but Lawrence Rao has gone to court seeking the boy’s custody.

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