Indian Idol 10 judge Neha Kakkar seems to be the latest celebrity to be going thorugh a down swing and emotional crisis in her private life. Following her break-up with her actor boyfriend Himansh Kohli, the singer has slid into depression. Neha Kakkar revelaed this to her fans through a clutch of Instagram posts in which she referred to her depression. She appealed to her fans and others not be judgemental and let her lead a happy life.

Neha Kakkar went public with her relationship with actor-singer Himansh Kohli only three months ago when she appeared with him on a show. Very soon she hit a downward slope in her relationship. She and Himansh Kohli unfollowed each other on Instagram. Neha also deleted most of the pictures and videos she has posted in which she was seen with him. In one famous incident, she even broke down on the sets of a popular singing show during the course of a shoot. It became evident to all that things between her and Himansh Kohli were far from rosy. On Friday, Neha Kakkar revealed to to her fans that she was going through a depression in her post she wrote, "Yes I am in Depression. Thanks to All the Negative people in the world. You're successful in giving me the worst days of my life. Congratulations you're successful!"

"Lemme make it clear. It's not bcz of One Person or two, it's coz of the World who's not letting me Live my personal life. I'm thankful to everyone who love my work or me but people who talk Rubbish about Me without even knowing how I am or what I'm going through giving me a hard time.. l beg plz Let me live happily, r beg Piz don't be Judgmental, l beg Plz Let Me Live!"

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