We are all set to head towards the new year within a couple of weeks from now. Let's take a look at which stars turned newsmakers in 2018. Several Celebrities grabbed the headlines for various reasons—be it family, birthdays or vacations. Let us throw some light on who was the most favourite person for the audiences. I am sure by now you know who we are talking about. Yes, it is none other than Telugu Rebel star Prabhas. Besides his films, the prospect of his marriage to Mega daughter Niharika made news and was widely circulated on social media. Over the past two years, there were rumors that Prabhas and Anushka were in a relationship and they had been seeing each other. Prabhas and Anushka refuted the rumours and made everyone to believe that they are just best buddies in Tollywood.

Suddenly, it was speculated that Prabhas would soon become the son-in-law to Mega family as he was all set to get hitched to Niharika. Chiranjeevi, who heard the rumors about Prabhas-Niharika marriage link-up cleared the air. He said neither my brothers or I are in any hurry to get Niharika married. "She has just begun her career. Once she gets fully settled in her career, we will think about her marriage. I urge everyone not to believe those rumors or even spread such false news," said the Megastar to the media.

The news just died down until Prabhas birthday when the jodi was much talked about, thanks to Niharika's reported letter to the Rebel star. It was said that on Prabhas's birthday, Niharika penned a note to Prabhas. I am sure you know about this. For the uninitiated, Niharika made a plea to Prabhas to get married as early as possible to put all the speculation at rest. "If you keep on delaying your marriage, these kinds of rumours will continue," Niharika is believed to have written in her letter to Prabhas.

In return, Prabhas supposedly promised that he will try to fulfil her wish bu this year.

This year has been special for them in terms of professional life. But, these two instances made them stay in the news. They certainly were newsmakers of 2018 in TFI.