Sizzling actress Kajal Aggarwal is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. She is reeling under pressure to deliver a blockbuster hit at the box office. It seems Kajal has been deprived of good movie offers. She is apparently grabbing every movie offer that comes her way without using her discretion. Currently, she is busy with the promotional activities of her upcoming film Kavacham.

Recently, in one of the press meets for Kavacham, Kajal was supposed to do press interviews as part of Kavacham promotions. The time the PRO gave was said to be 10 am. Reports suggest that Kajal arrived at Prasad Labs only by 11:45. Several Journalists whohad been waiting for her were vexed up. As soon as Kajal arrived, the Telugu media boycotted and left the venue without meeting her. Media spit fire on Kajal's irresponsibility for wasting their time.

Kajal has been in the profession for over a decade now. So she must have a sense of punctuality when it comes to attending press conferences and other events. Latest news doing rounds is that the media has sought an apoogy for Kajal Aggarwal's misbehavior. It remains to be seen if the actress will tender an apology given that she doesn't want bad press for her upcoming film Kavacham. We shall have to wait and see what would be the fate of Kavacham