TV reality show is the flavor of the season to kill time. These shows bring tears, happiness and awkward moments thereby keeping the audience entertained. These shows which are hugely popular in the recent days bring lot of revenue to the television channels as well as the makers of the show. The shows more often than not garner huge TRPs. However, it also depends upon the host of the show. If the show is being hosted by a reputed star, naturally, the show will keep the audience glued to their seats. One thing we can't deny is that all hosts are not equal.

The recent most talked about TV reality show and perhaps also the most controversial show was undoubtedly Bigg Boss 2 hosted by Telugu natural star Nani. The show made him a popular icon in 2018. Last year, Nani scored a hattrick with back to back films—Ninnu Kori, Nenu Local and MCA. Nani follows the rule of releasing at least three films in a year, it is learned. This year, as usual, he was seen in three films which included-Awe, Devadas and KrishnaArjuna Yuddham. His films failed to gather love and attention from audiences and tanked at the box office.

Yet, Nani didn't go unnoticed. He made his debut as a TV host on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 on the small screen. It is a known fact that Nani became a household name not only on Telugu television but also grabbed national media headlines after his appearance on Bigg Boss 2. Several people criticised Nani’s hosting and biased opinion towards Bigg Boss contestants like Tanish-Geetha Madhuri. Nani used to get trolled on social media. However, the actor-turned-TV host overcame every hurdle to emerge winner. Nani never gives up and he always tries his best to entertain the audiences. Few sections of audiences hailed Nani for taking on every criticism in his stride. He stayed positive through the show despite all the trolls and stayed strong and became an inspiration to his fans. It is being speculated that Nani is the best TV host of 2018.

Meanwhile, Nani will be soon seen in Jersey in which he is all set to play a cricketer in the film.

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