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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 title winner Kaushal and contestant Babu Gogineni weren't in good terms in the show. Post the show, Babu Gogineni made several allegations on Kaushal and his army, but Kaushal hasn't responded to any of them. Since a while, there is has been no news about Babu Gogineni and he seems to be lying low. Kaushal,who is riding high with the success of the show was in a controversy about his Doctorate, but recently it was clarified through a leading channel that Kaushal will not be receiving any doctorate from Harvest University. Kaushal apparently had received a hoax call regarding the doctorate and the matter was sorted.

Latest we hear is Kaushal and Babu Gogineni are coming together to share screen space to entertain us. Hold on,they are not going to be seen in films. One of the videos which has gone viral on social media networks says that Kaushal and Babu Gogineni are all set to appear in a show. They are gearing up to have a big debate between them which will be organised by a local channel in Australia. The show will take place on December-1 in Melbourne, Australia. The Kaushal and Babu Gogineni debate video could be telecasted in Telugu Channels the next day.

Fans can't contain their excitement for the show as they will get to see a big war between the former Big Boss 2 inmates. Fans are in anticipation of what "intellectual"questions, Babu Gogineni would shoot to Kaushal and social media is buzzing with activity about this. We hope, Kaushal's answers could be interesting and make this show as exciting as Big Boss was. Aren't you excited to see the debate between these two opponents -Kaushal and Babu Gogineni?

A long time back, Kaushal had informed everyone that he will soon fly to Australia to meet his Kaushal army there to discuss the show success. He is looking forward to meet his Australian fans. Check out the tweet posted by him.

But Kaushal didn't mention about his debate with Babu Gogineni. Let's wait for an official confirmation from Kaushal or Babu Gogineni about their debate taking off.

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