Well, well don't get carried away by the headline. By hard time, we don't mean Jr NTR was difficult to work with. Then what is it, you ask? Let's get into the details, right away.

We all know that Jr NTR's Aravinda Sametha was a super duper hit. The Young Tiger deserves a round of applause for having faith in the director of his recently released film despite all the back publicity his earlier movie created. It's a known fact that Trivikram's last venture with Pawan Kalyan titled Agnyaathavaasi was a super flop not just in theatres but also on TV.

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It apepars, Jr NTR gave Trivikram a much needed break in his career because we all know that nobody could have pulled off the role of Aravinda like NTR did. Yet, we hear that Trivikram loves to work with Pawan than Jr NTR or Allu Arjun. Wondering why? Well, Pawan Kalyan, we hear is a director's man. He put his career and faith in a director's hand and forgets about it and just acts as per the instructions and guidance of the director. Isn't a director's delight then? Yes, that's exactly what we are saying.

On the other hand, actors like Jr NTR and Allu Arjun wants to be involved in every little thing, we hear which sure is a good thing given the interest they show. But one should not forget that this may not give the director a free hand. If a filmmaker has visualised a scene in a certain way, then he might want to see the same come alive on screen. But actors of the present day are not willing to take that risk. They would rather modify a couple of things to improvise. And Jr NTR and Bunny belong to that category. It is this quality that Trivikram seems to be missing of late. So, given a choice Trivikram would prefer to work with Pawan over Jr NTR or Bunny.

What do you think, guys? You think an actor should leave it to the director or step in when required? Let us know in the comments section below.